Gunn Hacks 3.0 Post Mortem

14 Nov 2016

Last weekend, nickolas360 and I participated in GunnHacks 3.0, a high-school hackathon in Palo Alto. After twenty-four hours of code – no, we did not plan for time to sleep, a decision I still have not decided if I regret or not – we finished markov complete, an analogue to the more traditional tab-complete using Markov chains instead of contextually appropriate code suggestions. Powered by our (poorly written) markov library, we integrated markov complete into vim (the only text editor in existence), weechat (one of the two IRC clients, along with irssi), and GNU readline, a feat Nickolas regrets dearly.

Now with the Markov plugin enabled, I’m free to write utter non-sense into my blog posts and have the nonsense auto-generated. More so, I can write similarly nonsensical replies to queries on IRC, because nobody has time to chat with their friends when they are so busy spamming the tab key for their blog posts and REPL code comments!

So that happened.

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