Hi there! I'm Alyssa Rosenzweig. My public code repositories are housed here.
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Project Description Last Change
rosenzweig.io.git Source code for my website 95 min ago
fiction.git Complete original fiction... 11 months ago
button-blink.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 18 months ago
ScratchNES2.git Yet another NES->Scratch compiler 19 months ago
mesa.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 19 months ago
ShaderProgramDisassembler.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 20 months ago
midgard-assembler.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 20 months ago
cwabbotts-midgard-disassembler.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 20 months ago
DivergenceTheoremVolume.git Fun with 3D graphics and vecto... 20 months ago
comment-clean.git Automatic removal of commented... 23 months ago
free-fall-lab.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
purple-email.git SMTP/IMAP plugin for libpurple 2 years ago
purple-discord.git Bleeding edge fork of purple... 2 years ago
export-gdoc.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
quietfimfic.git Distraction-free fimfiction 2 years ago
schoolloop-grade-digest.git Email digest from SchoolLoop... 2 years ago
libanp.git Account negotiation protocol 2 years ago
marshmallow-tape.git Sweet little pastebin 2 years ago
libsigpad.git Userspace USB driver for Topaz... 2 years ago
rpi-open-firmware.git Mirror of github.com/christina... 2 years ago
pumpkinpie.git Declarative language playground 2 years ago
uPose.git Small, fast pose estimation... 2 years ago
umbrarum.git Umbrārum main repository 2 years ago
ScratchNES.git NES emulator on MIT Scratch... 2 years ago
libskeletal.git Implementation of a human... 2 years ago
microblog.w.git Microblog demonstrating WINGS... 2 years ago
synthpose.git Annotated human pose synthesiz... 2 years ago
markov.git Markov chain implementation... 3 years ago
wings.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
ap0110.git Experiments with type inferenc... 3 years ago
ParallelPoseEstimation.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
hw.git A homework toolkit for hackers 3 years ago
kernel/target-qemu-i386/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
kernel/multiboot-i386/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
kernel/graphics-vga/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
kernel/klog/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
kernel/lake/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
kernel/motd/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
kernel/kinit/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
ystatus.git i3status clone 3 years ago
slashbit.git A homebrew hack-and-slash... 3 years ago
CommodityTracking.git [deprecated] Skeleton tracking... 3 years ago
wings-legacy-v2.git The WINGS operating system 3 years ago
fbterm.git Personal fork of fbterm 3 years ago
food-fight-model.git Probability model for "Food... 3 years ago
CursedMUD.git Pushing telnet games to the... 3 years ago
wings-legacy.git WINGS Is Not the GNU System 3 years ago
ProgrammingAssignment2.git Repository for Programming... 4 years ago
scratch-llvm.git Cross-compiling LLVM into... 4 years ago
dotfiles.git My dotfiles (configuration... 4 years ago
scratch86.git MIT Scratch LLVM frontend... 4 years ago
airoverride.8.git Tribute to http://xkcd.com... 4 years ago
uPresent.git Markdown for presentations... 4 years ago
theoretical-vs-experimental-sim.git Probability simulator for... 4 years ago
bobbybee.github.io.git Blog of a teenage programmer 4 years ago
Dynartic.git Visual Lorem Ipsum 4 years ago
alien-social.git A test of Scratch's extension... 4 years ago
mesh-2.0.git Implements a mesh-like system... 4 years ago
libastron-cpp.git Astron bindings for AIs &... 4 years ago
core-defender.git Simple game made in Carbon... 4 years ago
carbon.git Toolkit for writing fast games... 4 years ago
tiny-blog.git Tiny, static page generator... 4 years ago
riddle.js.git A free software document editor 4 years ago
scratch-gamepad.git Gamepad support on Scratch... 4 years ago
IRCEmail.git Email over IRC. I don't know... 4 years ago
etherscratch.git A Scratch Extension to teach... 4 years ago
audivi.git Experiments with audio 4 years ago
bamboo-lite.git Rubbish implementation of... 5 years ago
mmo.js.git An MMO client/server framework... 5 years ago
JITScratch.git JITScratch is a framework... 5 years ago
scratch-vm.git A generic virtual machine... 5 years ago
ld30.git Jam entry for Ludum Dare 30 5 years ago
libastron-unity.git Unity (C#) bindings for Astron... 5 years ago
node-astron.git Node.js interface to Astron... 5 years ago
scratch-net.git Networking servers created... 5 years ago
Windows.js.git A simple, yet functional windo... 6 years ago
Apollo.git An extensible MMO server writt... 6 years ago
as3assets.git A quick class from importing... 6 years ago
MMOKickstart.git MMOKickstart is, in a nutshell... 6 years ago
CServe.git A library to accelerate the... 6 years ago
2.02SWF.git A simple converter for Scratch... 6 years ago
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