2013-01-17 bobbybee ScratcherSome keyboard arrows logic :) master
2013-01-17 bobbybee ScratcherIt now seperates reloading costumes from position,...
2013-01-17 bobbybee ScratcherYet another project
2013-01-17 bobbybee ScratcherFixed a ton of bugs… and I made the first scripted...
2013-01-17 bobbybee ScratcherVarious changes..
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherLots of costume math
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherIt now has when key down support
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherSimple script base & and a keyboard handler
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherYet another project
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherBackgrounds work now, too!
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherIgnored a new SWF
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherVarious modifications here and there... and now it...
2013-01-16 bobbybee ScratcherNow it embeds rather than loads. Prob gonna be a config...
2013-01-15 bobbybee ScratcherFixed some indents, nothin big
2013-01-15 bobbybee ScratcherAsset generation code
2013-01-15 bobbybee ScratcherBeginning to add Asset Loading code
2013-01-15 bobbybee ScratcherAdded some more general generation routines
2013-01-15 bobbybee ScratcherCreated Base for code
2013-01-12 bobbybeeInitial commit
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