2013-07-31 bobbybeeStarted usage of the new sync API call master
2013-07-31 bobbybeeBegan some API abstraction
2013-07-31 bobbybeeUpdated some naming conventions
2013-07-31 bobbybeeAdded bare-minimum README
2013-07-31 bobbybeePushed a Makefile for minifying client
2013-07-31 bobbybeeAfter a lot of facepalming and such, managed to get...
2013-07-30 bobbybeeBegan an HTML5 client using WebSockets, have a working...
2013-07-30 bobbybee4 lines of code = working chat
2013-07-30 bobbybeeAdded a more complex extension for movement (showing...
2013-07-30 bobbybeeBegan support for simple extensions
2013-07-29 bobbybeeRewrote network.js
2013-07-29 bobbybeeAdded a Player object
2013-07-29 bobbybeeRudimentary protocol support, data parsing
2013-07-29 bobbybeePushed skeleton for server
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