2013-02-11 bobbybee ScratcherFixed some issues with InstantSMTP master
2013-02-11 bobbybee ScratcherAdded InstantSMTP (Instants are embeddable servers...
2013-02-10 bobbybee ScratcherWorking on an SMTP server, added abillity to have multi...
2013-02-09 bobbybee ScratcherVarious things, attempted to start MC server examples
2013-02-09 bobbybee ScratcherBegan some binary-manipulation functions
2013-02-09 bobbybee ScratcherLots.. and lots.. of stuff
2013-02-09 bobbybeeCreate README.md
2013-02-08 bobbybee ScratcherAdded comments
2013-02-08 bobbybee ScratcherEcho works, patched some lib bugs
2013-02-08 bobbybee ScratcherIt compiles & thats a first step
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