2014-12-13 bobbybeeBugfixes for incoming buffer flushing and hex decoding master
2014-12-13 bobbybeeAdd a variable size type to make semantics less awkward
2014-12-13 bobbybeeSend raw (ASCII) data
2014-12-13 bobbybeeRefactor decodeRaw
2014-12-13 bobbybeeSerialize numbers for injection
2014-12-13 bobbybeePacket injection
2014-12-13 bobbybeeFetch blob; general improvements
2014-12-12 bobbybeeSkip bytes
2014-12-12 bobbybeeDecode number and raw
2014-12-12 bobbybeeMAC Address size, for easy Ethernet decoding
2014-12-12 bobbybeeFetch hex
2014-12-12 bobbybeeData available for queueing
2014-12-12 bobbybeeExtension connects; packets are flooding in by the...
2014-12-12 bobbybeeBegin bridge
2014-12-12 bobbybeeWebcat with very WIP websocket
2014-12-12 bobbybeeBoilerplate
2014-12-12 bobbybeeInitial commit
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