descriptionAn MMO client/server framework using node.js and HTML5
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2014-10-13 bobbybeeFix the tests to work as expected master
2014-10-13 bobbybeeMore bogus copyright claims
2014-10-11 bobbybeeRemove bogus copyright claims; we're MIT now
2014-10-11 bobbybeeAdd license
2013-11-10 bobbybeeFixed some issues with WebSocket implementation
2013-11-10 bobbybeeSerializing WebSocket packets
2013-11-10 bobbybeeDeserializing WebSocket packets
2013-11-10 bobbybeeAdded boilerplate code for WebSocket Server
2013-11-08 bobbybeeBegan skeleton for WebSocket client
2013-11-08 bobbybeeMoved network files
2013-11-08 bobbybeeMoved tests into their own directory
2013-11-08 bobbybeeEnabled event triggering
2013-11-08 bobbybeeBegan support for events
2013-11-08 bobbybeeBeginning support for entities, JSON encoding, and...
2013-11-07 bobbybeeWrote a paragraph on how entities are structured
2013-11-07 bobbybeeSetup structure for an Entity class
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