2014-08-01 bobbybeeCONTROL_LOG_MESSAGE test master
2014-07-24 bobbybeeFully functioning WebSocket bridge
2014-07-24 bobbybeeIncomplete packet clause
2014-07-17 bobbybeeCleanup
2014-07-17 bobbybeeExperimental websocket->astron bridge
2014-07-16 bobbybeeCrude AI/UD functionality
2014-07-15 bobbybeeLarge code cleanup; preparation for future update
2014-07-13 bobbybeePrepared server for interests
2014-07-11 bobbybeeCrude SET_FIELDS parser on SS
2014-07-10 bobbybeeCrude implementation of DistributedClass serialization
2014-07-10 bobbybeeWorking prototype of MD class
2014-07-10 bobbybeeBare message director connection framework
2013-11-18 shadowcoderActually exported TLSServer class (I pushed the wrong...
2013-11-18 shadowcoderExported TLSServer class
2013-11-18 shadowcoderSome basic conneciton code
2013-11-17 shadowcoderProper header implementation for clients and MDs
2013-11-17 shadowcoderAdded client header and serialization routines
2013-11-17 shadowcoderLow-level packet types
2013-11-17 shadowcoderfirst commit
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