actually sleep the vpu on arm init, added more stuff to sdhost, still broken though
[rpi-open-firmware.git] / arm_chainloader / drivers / fatfs / 00readme.txt
1 FatFs Module Source Files R0.12
6 00readme.txt This file.
7 history.txt Revision history.
8 ffconf.h Configuration file for FatFs module.
9 ff.h Common include file for FatFs and application module.
10 ff.c FatFs module.
11 diskio.h Common include file for FatFs and disk I/O module.
12 diskio.c An example of glue function to attach existing disk I/O module to FatFs.
13 integer.h Integer type definitions for FatFs.
14 option Optional external functions.
17 Low level disk I/O module is not included in this archive because the FatFs
18 module is only a generic file system layer and not depend on any specific
19 storage device. You have to provide a low level disk I/O module that written
20 to control the target storage device.
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