Merge pull request #24 from jolan/jolan_typofix
[rpi-open-firmware.git] / romstage.c
2017-01-03 Alyssa RosenzweigRoute RX uart
2016-12-31 Alyssa RosenzweigUART cleanup
2016-12-31 Alyssa RosenzweigEt voila! Nous avons un UART!
2016-12-31 Alyssa RosenzweigShow another permutation which also doesn't work correc...
2016-12-31 Alyssa RosenzweigDebug
2016-12-31 Alyssa RosenzweigBegin UART0 integration
2016-09-06 Kristina BrooksMerge pull request #17 from christinaa/develop
2016-08-25 Alyssa RosenzweigFix merge conflict
2016-08-14 Alyssa RosenzweigUnmask ARM interrupts
2016-08-14 Alyssa RosenzweigSoftware interrupt support
2016-06-09 kristinaWorking SDHOST/FatFS, boot partition mounts, some other...
2016-05-16 kristinaInitial commit
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