2016-12-31 Alyssa RosenzweigIt returned!
2016-12-31 Alyssa RosenzweigHack on the loader
2016-12-30 Alyssa RosenzweigDrop permissions
2016-10-30 Kristina BrooksMerge pull request #19 from postmillenial/patch-1
2016-10-26 ankeetUpdate README.md
2016-10-26 ankeetUpdate README.md
2016-09-15 Kristina BrooksMerge pull request #18 from vamposdecampos/fdt-bootargs
2016-09-15 Alex Badealoader: fix update of bootargs in FDT
2016-09-07 Alyssa Rosenzweigpass in commandline arguments
2016-09-07 Kristinaupdate makefile
2016-09-07 Kristinaadd a memory map file to describe the memory layout...
2016-09-07 Kristinaimprove loader and add libfdt to it
2016-09-07 Kristinaadd more library routines
2016-09-07 Alyssa RosenzweigKernel necessarily is loaded at 0x8000
2016-09-07 Alyssa RosenzweigI don't know how to use my types good
2016-09-07 Alyssa RosenzweigCleanup some warnings introced by -Wall -Wextra
2016-09-07 Alyssa RosenzweigVerbose flags
2016-09-07 Alyssa RosenzweigPossibly fix a bug
2016-09-06 Alyssa RosenzweigSmall fixes
2016-09-06 Alyssa RosenzweigIntegrate linux chainloader into master
2016-09-06 Kristina BrooksMerge pull request #17 from christinaa/develop
2016-09-06 Kristinaimplement delete operator in c++ runtime
2016-09-06 Kristinafix hang_cpu by removing 'sleep' from it, since 'sleep...
2016-09-06 Kristinavc4: fix traps, add ic source detection and dispatch...
2016-09-06 Kristinafix incorrect implementaiton of puts
2016-09-06 Kristinafix minor inconsistencies in SdhostImpl and a spelling...
2016-09-06 Kristinause tabs, or at least tabwidth of 4, but preferably...
2016-09-06 Kristinafix csd2/fifo retardation
2016-08-31 Kristina BrooksMerge pull request #16 from vamposdecampos/heap-align
2016-08-30 Alyssa RosenzweigMerge pull request #15 from vamposdecampos/uniprocessor
2016-08-30 Alex Badeaarm linker script: align _end to 32-bit boundary
2016-08-30 Alex Badeaarm_chainloader: fix core 0 detection for single-core...
2016-08-27 kRevert "fix csd2 bl size detection"
2016-08-27 kfix csd2 bl size detection
2016-08-25 Alyssa RosenzweigFix merge conflict
2016-08-25 Alyssa RosenzweigA bit of cleanup
2016-08-25 Alyssa RosenzweigMailboxes -- and IRQs -- work :D
2016-08-25 Kristina BrooksMerge pull request #6 from christinaa/bug/smp-fix
2016-08-25 Alyssa RosenzweigUpdate README since SMP is handled now
2016-08-25 Alyssa RosenzweigCore N>0 disable seems to be working correctly; documen...
2016-08-25 Alyssa RosenzweigTry a different address
2016-08-24 Alyssa RosenzweigTentative CPU select
2016-08-22 Alyssa Rosenzweigdebugging
2016-08-20 Alyssa Rosenzweigpeak
2016-08-15 Alyssa RosenzweigMisc changes
2016-08-15 Alyssa RosenzweigAttempt to get mailboxes up
2016-08-14 Alyssa RosenzweigUnmask ARM interrupts
2016-08-14 Alyssa RosenzweigSoftware interrupt support
2016-08-11 Alyssa RosenzweigMerge branch 'build/assume-path' into develop
2016-08-11 Alyssa RosenzweigMerge remote-tracking branch 'personal/bug/loader-missi...
2016-08-11 Alyssa RosenzweigMissing argument
2016-08-11 Alyssa RosenzweigNote on the path change
2016-08-11 Alyssa RosenzweigAssume crosscompiler path
2016-08-11 Alyssa RosenzweigIncluding missing argument
2016-08-11 Kristina BrooksMerge pull request #5 from bobbybee/master
2016-08-11 Alyssa RosenzweigUpdate to new mnemonics (thanks Julian)
2016-06-09 kristinaWorking SDHOST/FatFS, boot partition mounts, some other...
2016-06-08 Kristina BrooksUpdate README.md
2016-05-30 kristinafix include paths
2016-05-30 kristinafix include paths
2016-05-30 kristinaupdate makefiles
2016-05-30 kristinaactually sleep the vpu on arm init, added more stuff...
2016-05-30 kristinaadded hardware exception vectors
2016-05-30 kristinakind of fixed lpddr2 detection, added addressing modes...
2016-05-21 kristinaC++ init
2016-05-21 kristinaAdded C++ ctors and partial SDHOST driver
2016-05-17 kristinaFix readme again (ugh git)
2016-05-17 kristinaMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/christinaa...
2016-05-17 kristinaOops
2016-05-16 Kristina BrooksUpdate README.md
2016-05-16 Kristina BrooksAdded some stuff to README.
2016-05-16 kristinaInitial commit
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