descriptionA generic virtual machine running under MIT Scratch
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2014-09-01 bobbybeeStart README master
2014-08-31 bobbybeeUpdated ROT13 example to use stack dereferencing instru...
2014-08-31 bobbybee(Assembler) stack dereferencing instructions
2014-08-31 bobbybeeStack dereferencing instructions to emulate old behavior
2014-08-31 bobbybeeVariety of fixes regarding stack allocation
2014-08-31 bobbybeeFully fix memory leak in return test
2014-08-31 bobbybeeStarting lines w/ comments in the assembler
2014-08-31 bobbybee(Assembler) Dual operand return
2014-08-31 bobbybeeDual operand return
2014-08-31 bobbybeeSample demonstrating return values
2014-08-30 bobbybeePUSH pushes the address, not the value for the time...
2014-08-30 bobbybeeAccidentally removed some code from LLVM ret that was...
2014-08-30 bobbybeePrepare LLVM ret for FRV
2014-08-30 bobbybeeImproved call + ret (UNSTABLE)
2014-08-30 bobbybeeAssemble FRV instruction
2014-08-30 bobbybeeFRV instruction
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